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Canadian Indigenous Culture Training - Truth and Reconciliation Edition $ 49.95 Purchase Download Outline

This edition has been designed in accordance with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action (2015) and includes information about the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Indigenous rights, Indigenous law, and Indigenous-Crown relations. This course has been developed by the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute of Canada.


Claims Management $ 34.95 Purchase Download Outline

Claims Management Online has been developed by the Service and Hospitality Safety Association of Saskatchewan to educate members about the claims management process, including information about incident investigation, document management, and modified work programs for injured workers.


Confined Space Awareness $ 24.95 Purchase Download Outline
When there is a confined space in the workplace, all workers in that workplace require Confined Space Awareness training as well as workplace specific training. This online course identifies the characteristics of a confined space, describes the risks associated with working in a confined space and the prescribed methods for controlling those risks, and explains the documentation requirements pertaining to confined space work.  

Due Diligence for Supervisors $ 24.95 Purchase Download Outline
Due Diligence for Supervisors explains the philosophy of the Internal Responsibility System and the principle of due diligence, and examines the measures that must be taken to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety legislation.  

Fire Safety $ 19.95 Purchase Download Outline

Fire Safety is a basic awareness program for workplace environments that includes prevention techniques as well as information on how to use a fire extinguisher.

This course is designed to give the participant, the knowledge in fire safety and prevention, fighting a fire by recognizing user and equipment limitations, the fundamentals of fires, types of fire extinguishers, and the proper handling of the fire extinguisher.


Incident Investigation $ 38.95 Purchase Download Outline

Incident Investigation examines the responsibilities of employers and workers when it comes to incident reporting and investigation and explains the steps that must be followed during an incident investigation.This course is designed for workplaces that must adhere to provincial/territorial occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and regulations. Although the general OHS rights and responsibilities of employers and workers are the same in each jurisdiction, the OHS legislation of each province and territory is unique.


Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees $ 44.95 Purchase Download Outline

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSCs) examines the roles and responsibilities of the JOHSC as a whole and of JOHSC members, and explains the rules and principles governing committee meetings.


Lockout / Tagout $ 19.95 Purchase Download Outline

The term "Lockout/Tagout" refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard workers from the unexpected energizing or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. Lockout/Tagout explains the importance of Lockout/Tagout in protecting the health and safety of workers. The course examines basic workplace safety tenets and examines the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout/Tagout process.


Positive and Progressive Discipline $ 34.95 Purchase Download Outline
Training in Positive and Progressive Discipline will be the first step in creating a work environment free of insubordination or hostility. Progressive discipline encourages and fosters trust and confidence in management and a return to harmony in the workplace.  

Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention for the Hospitality Industry $ 19.95 Purchase Download Outline

Slips, trips and falls can occur in any workplace. Approximately 60,000 Canadian workers are injured each year due to slip, trip and fall injuries. This course will explain the common causes for these types of injuries and what preventative measure can be taken to reduce the risk of these kinds of injuries in the hospitality workplace.


The Respectful Workplace $ 29.95 Purchase Download Outline
The Respectful Workplace is designed to educate participants about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. The course identifies attitudes and behaviours which contribute to a respectful workplace as well as those that are inappropriate. Specific types of offensive behaviours, including discrimination, harassment and personal harassment (bullying) are defined and examined. Emphasis is on developing appropriate workplace behaviours and knowing how to respond to incidents involving inappropriate behaviours.

The course includes scenario-based, interactive activities, which provide participants with practical situations in which they must select appropriate behaviours and appropriate responses to the behaviours of others.

Exact training content can be customized to meet client needs. An additional module entitled “Our Anti-Harassment Policy” can be added to ensure that participants thoroughly understand an organization’s specific policy and procedures.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) $ 34.95 Purchase Download Outline

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) online course is based on the current legislation and meets the legislated requirement for general WHMIS implementation as of December 1, 2018. Employers must also provide workplace-specific training and instruction for each of the hazardous products in the workplace.


Working Safely Alone $ 19.95 Purchase Download Outline

Working Safely Alone examines how OHS laws across Canada address the issue of working alone or in isolation, and describes practical safety measures that can protect workers from the hazards associated with working alone.


Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control $ 34.95 Purchase Download Outline

Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control is designed for workplaces that must adhere to provincial/territorial occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and regulations. The course describes workplace hazards, the health and safety risks posed by those hazards, and the step-by-step process which must be followed in order to identify, assess and control hazards in the workplace.


Workplace Inspections $ 44.95 Purchase Download Outline

Workplace Inspections is designed for workplaces that must adhere to provincial/territorial occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and regulations. The course identifies the inspection responsibilities of various workplace parties, describes the workplace inspection process, and provides practical workplace inspection strategies.